16 y/o 👦. Plays guitar 🎸. Self-defining musician 🎼🎶 and artist(e) 👨🏻‍🎤 🎨. Original, authentic, and always true . ✨✨ Never fake or artificial 🌟. For real. 👍 Deal with it. 🔥🔥🔥

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Eclectic. Unique. Of a singular sound and artistic vision.

A Bit of (a) Bio (or…?)

Cyril is a musician from Prešov, (Eastern) Slovakia. He started playing in 2016 and plays only his own songs. He has got no releases so far. (But he is ready to be signed [anytime].)
Critics advice to remember his name, You will hear about him in near future, they say. Soon, he is famous.

Upcoming Dates

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News Feed & Press Coverage

(The) Internet(s) 🌐

February 2018

He starts his (factual) presence there.

He wonders what (about) and how it will be.

Prešov, Slovensko 🇸🇰

February 2017

Absolvoval vystúpenie na Open Mic Prešov s mimoriadnym ohlasom.


Philadelphia, PA, USA 🇺🇸


He starred there.

([And] he was awesome [as always].)

København, Danmark 🇩🇰


He became recognized (and respected) figure on local Copenhagen music scene.

And he is still, up until today.

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Stage Rider

No special preferences. I play anywhere.
6.3mm mono female plug for my electric guitar, and microphone to singcream.

Would (you) like to book me?

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God ✝☦ bless (you).


Cyril (with love from whole world.)

I—fall behind…